EXIT AquaFlow Pump + hose Water pump
EXIT AquaFlow Pump + hose Water pump

EXIT AquaFlow Pump + hose Water pump

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29,95 €
Maksudega Pristatymas: 4 - 12 darbo dienos

The EXIT AquaFlow Pump + hose is suited perfectly for our water play course: the EXIT AquaFlow Junior-Set. It makes it easy to pump the water back from the collection bin to the water reservoir and then let your boat or ball float once again to the bottom. This gives children at a young age their first exposure to water flows and it develops their creativity and fantasy through play. You can store the hose neatly by using the brackets under the bins! The EXIT AquaFlow Pump is supplied with mounting material for the pump and a long hose that can be cut to the correct length.

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