Automobilinė kėdutė Lionelo Bastiaan...
Automobilinė kėdutė Lionelo Bastiaan...
Automobilinė kėdutė Lionelo Bastiaan...
Automobilinė kėdutė Lionelo Bastiaan...
Automobilinė kėdutė Lionelo Bastiaan...

Automobilinė kėdutė Lionelo Bastiaan One Grey Stone Black, 0-36kg

151,00 €
Pristatymas: 1 - 2 darbo dienos
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Lionelo Bastiaan One car seat is an exceptionally successful combination of high level of security, functionality and aesthetic design. Thanks to the use of a 360° rotating car seat base, the seat offers the opportunity to transport the child in both forward and rearward facing positions without the need to take the product out of the guides. The ISOFIX system and Top Tether belt make Bastiaan One a model that is easy and comfortable to assemble, and the 5 levels of backrest adjustment guarantee excellent travelling conditions.

Lionelo Bastiaan One car seat is a perfect example of a high level of security and functionality. In addition to the possibility of transporting the child in both forward and rearward facing positions, and many other assets increasing the comfort of travelling, we also took care of the product’s solid construction. The seat’s massive sides have been reinforced with an EPS layer that effectively absorbs the impact force in the event of a traffic collision. The child’s safety is also ensured by a durable 5-point safety harness. Due to a wide weight range (from 0 to 36 kg) and 8 levels of headrest adjustment, Bastiaan One is an ideal product for many years, growing together with the child and providing excellent travelling conditions.

Bastiaan One offers a wide weight range – from 0 to 36 kg, making the car seat perfect for both younger and older children. We have equipped the product with a 360° rotating base, which allows for a rearward facing position (0 to 18 kg) and forward facing position (9 to 36 kg). Rotating base makes it easy to put the child in and take him or her out of the car seat. Bastiaan One can be assembled quickly and easily, using the ISOFIX system and Top Tether belt and/or the car safety belt. Additionally, the car seat has been equipped with a safety feature protecting against unwanted unfastening of ISOFIX connectors.

Even though safe travelling is extremely important, let’s not forget about comfort. Bastiaan One model offers 5 levels of backrest adjustment (4 levels in forward facing position, 1 level rearward facing reclined position) that help find the optimal position for the little traveller. Comfortable car travelling is guaranteed not only by a perfectly shaped seat, but also a lumbar support pad and a breathing Dri-Seat pad.

The safety harness has been additionally equipped with pillows protecting the child’s sensitive skin from scraping. Thanks to the non-slip pad, the pillows stay in the proper position. Detachable padding is soft and pleasant to touch. It can be machine-washed, similarly to the detachable canopy that protects the child from intense sunlight.

Papildoma informacija

44 x 49 x 58-76 cm
Child's weight range
0-36 kg
Forward facing
Rear facing: up to 18 kg

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