EXIT AquaFlow Mega-Set
EXIT AquaFlow Mega-Set
EXIT AquaFlow Mega-Set

EXIT AquaFlow Mega-Set

Preci jums piegādās:2019-10-10
399,00 €
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What can be nicer than fooling around with water? The EXIT AquaFlow Mega-Set, with AquaFlow Pomp and hose, is no less than 4.75 meters long and the largest water course in the EXIT Water play set series. The EXIT AquaFlow is a unique water play set for children, guaranteeing endless fun!

The EXIT water play set consists of several bins with 5 locks, enabling several children to play at the same time. The gutters and trays are equipped with a plastic interior, thereby waterproof and easy to clean. Because of the height difference, the water flows like a river from the top reservoir and ends in a water fall in the collection bin! You decide yourself how you want to set up the water play set, because the water bins have a pivoting pin and therefore can be set up in any corner: straight, in a bend or zigzag. Thanks to the locks, which are semi-transparent and printed with 7 different water levels, you can let the water flow in which ever way you want and wherever you want. Pump the water back easily from the collection bin into the water reservoir and let a boat or a ball float to the bottom. This gives children at a young age their first exposure to water flows and it develops their creativity and fantasy through play. The EXIT AquaFlow Mega-Set is manufactured in a modern design and in tranquil grey and natural colours, making it just as attractive in your garden! The EXIT AquaFlow Mega- set comes with the EXIT AquaFlow pump and hose that is neatly concealed by brackets under the bins.

Sustainable and long-lasting
The EXIT AquaFlow Mega-Set is made from dried cedar wood. This is a unique type of wood because by nature it is resistant to the influence of weather and moisture, making it rot-resistant. Cedar wood is not treated with unsafe chemicals, as is often the case with pinewood and firs. Therefore, cedar wood is beneficial for the environment and safe for children. The studs are already painted with water-resistant stain. The lock walls are made of Wood Plastic Composite (WPC), a fibre-reinforced plastic and therefore a sturdy and durable material.

The EXIT AquaFlow Mega-Set meets all the currently applicable safety standards (EN-71), guaranteeing your children’s safety while they enjoy playing. Moreover, the wood is not treated with unsafe chemicals and it has a wonderful feature of not splintering.

Also available in this series: EXIT AquaFlow Super-Set, EXIT AquaFlow Junior-Set and an AquaFlow step stool!!

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